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Projects / My Project and some Questions about jPCT Features
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:00:43 pm »
Hello Community!

I am working on a scientific thesis these days where I want to develop a simulation-software for
small robots (lego mindstorms) driving, orientating and communicating inside a virtual 3D environment.
These robots shell have actors (to perform their movement in the scene) and sensors (for their orientation in the scene).

I am a real newbie in writing simulation-programms and I have never written a 3d-game before too.
But I want to use a 3D-(Game)-Engine for my work an, and I am searching for an appropriate one.

1. Is is possibile to create a virtual 3D Environment including placing the robot, placing objects and texturing floor, walls and arbitary scene objects (at runntime) using JPCT?

2. Is it possible to read values from the scene for example with JPCT... for example
-- the color and brightness of the object which is in front of a robot
-- the distance to the next obstacle

3. Is is possible to manipulate the scene at runtime.. means changing position and state of objects and robots?

4. Has JPCT built-in collision detection (collision detection between robots and obstacles should be possible.)

5. Has JPCT built-in physics like gravity, friction and idleness/inertia?

6. Is it possible to save the state of a scene and to load it later?

7. Does JPCT have a built-in renderer which is able to render the scene continously?

8. Is there a higher level documentation besides the Javadoc?

Do you think JPCT would be a good choice?

Thanks in advance!

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