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Bones / Problem in Export to .bones
« on: January 04, 2014, 10:41:25 am »
Dear Sir,

I am trying to export my 3 animated actions [say kick,walk,idle] from blender>Xml>bones

But i am getting following problem :

1. At a time i am able to export single action only,say for example walk [Which currently i have opened in blender]
I need to export all the actions in skeleton.xml so my jpct-ae fill animation menu for all animation track

2. I have exported all animation individually. then just copied
<animation name="kick" length="0.3333333333333333">...</animation>

from all the skeleton.xml file to single skeleton.xml and rename

"Name = kick"
"Name = Walk"

and so on..

am is this a right way?

3. after performing step 2,i have exported .xml to .bones using jmeogre2bone.bat .

It shows all the menu in MENU But,when i hit animation menu,it will only set animation to keyframe : 1
not executing whole animation

What to do?

Please help i got stuck sir :(

Please note that

1. below code
        float index = animateSeconds / clipTime;
       Log.v("1. Anim sec : Clip Time",":"+animateSeconds +":" + clipTime);

GIVES values

01-04 00:47:17.936: VERBOSE/1. Anim sec : Clip Time(694): :0.0  :    0.33333334

2. My index variable gives value 0.0 for all iteration in following code

[from part of : public void onDrawFrame(GL10 gl) ]

      for (AnimatedGroup group : ninjas) {
                  group.animateSkin(index, animation);
                  Log.v("2. Index : Animation",":"+index +":" + animation);

Bones / Help : Expoerting N number of Animation from Blender to Bone
« on: January 03, 2014, 12:25:15 pm »
Dear Sir,

I need help on following:

1. When i export blender>.xml > bones [successfully exported] but this bone file gives half animation.
say for example kick : it just up the leg for kick but not complete the whole animation.

Sir,please help me to understand why this is happening?

2. how do i able to export N number of animation from blender to bone using jmeblender2ogre.bat?

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