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Projects / Room Planner
« on: June 04, 2007, 07:13:59 pm »
Hello, I'm new to the forums. Just ran across this site looking for a 3d rendering solution for a room planning web application I'm developing.  Basically, the user would create a room layout (add tables, chairs, desks, etc...) in a 2d, top-down view.  Then they could submit the room information and have the web server render out 4-5 high-quality jpg's of the room in 3d format.  I'm replacing an existing system where the furniture has already been created as 3d studio maxx files so I'd like to be able to use those without having them changed to another format.  Would jPCT be able to do that kind of rendering?  I wouldn't need any animation, just nice stills from a few different angles in the room.  Thanks a ton for any advice you might have!


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