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Support / jPCT for an engineering type app?
« on: April 20, 2004, 01:51:15 am »
Thanks, and yes it does help. I think a 3D wire frame line (non-polygonal) would be a nice addition to the standard library primitives. It would be nice in fact to do all of the following: line, arc, circle, ellipse, polyline.

Support / jPCT for an engineering type app?
« on: April 13, 2004, 07:03:04 am »
I'm searching for a suitable Java 3D engine to use in an engineering configuration application where the user configures 2D and 3D objects (e.g. flat piece of glass, a glass shower enclosure, a bookcase, table, etc). The configuration takes place through some graphical interaction where the user might select an object and set the properties (e.g. height, width, etc) of the selected object or even select an object edge and add a notch or even a hole (e.g. for flat glass).

The reason I'm currently going after a 3D engine (rather than a CAD-type engine with CAD-type GUI) is that the users of our application would be more sales orientated than engineering orientated and a real CAD interface would be to overwhelming. I would basically have "intelligent objects" in the background (the model) and have views generated for the 3D interaction. I would also prefer the better real time rendering of something like jPCT over your typical CAD engine.

Some basic questions if I may:
1. I assume I can render the image inside a JPanel (or similar) to allow JButtons, etc next to the scene? Lightweight or Heavyweight?
2. How do I render a simple 5-sided polygon with a hole somewhere where the polygon, sides and hole are selecteble? Maybe publishing of some of the sample primitives will answer this question?
3. Since I probably need to draw selectable 3D Lines and Points, I imagine I can use the Sphere primitive for the points but what about the Lines? Maybe use a very thin Cylinder?
4. I will most likely have 3 simultaneous views on the same model. Does jPCT support multiple simultaneous cameras?

I'm trying to establish whether jPCT will work for my application or whether there is anything else that would be better. I did look at Java 3D as well but prefer jPCT for it's simplicity. Any ideas an feedback appreciated.


[edit]From another post in the forum I gather that, wrt q1 above, I will only be able to achieve this using software mode for now. That is probably ok...[/edit]

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