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Excellent is there a demo of this Skybox method somewhere!? ;D

Yes, it's possible. I used to use this approach to render the skybox, i.e. the scene was one world, the skybox another. I've never tried this with the Android version though, but it should work. If it doesn't, it's a bug that has to be fixed... ;)

Hi There

Is it possible to render two scenegraphs on to the same canvas!

I am new to jPCT and consider using this 3D engine for a Android project.

I am experienced in programming for Java3D, so the concepts are not alien to me, although the terminology of jPCT is a bit different to that of Java3D.

What I need jPCT to do is the ability to render two scenegraphs(World's??) onto the same canvas(Framebuffer??) Is this possible with jPCT?

Thanks in advance!


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