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Bugs / set Orientation diminish cylinder size
« on: January 31, 2014, 10:00:07 am »
Hi, First and foremost, thank you very much for this amazing Java library you made. Being a novice Android developper, your library is very useful.

In my Android app, I use two primitives: spheres and cylinders.

I wanna connect spheres with cylinders. ( I don't use Polylines because I wanna keep track of the Object3D )

the problem is ; when I create a cylinder it is extremely thin

   public static Object3D Liens(Object3D sphere1, Object3D sphere2){
      Object3D cylinder = Primitives.getCylinder(100, 1f,sphere1.getOrigin().distance(sphere2.getOrigin())/2);
      cylinder.setOrientation( new SimpleVector(0,0,1),cylinder.getOrigin());;
      return cylinder;
        public static SimpleVector Middle(Object3D astre1, Object3D astre2){
      SimpleVector milieu = astre2.getOrigin().calcAdd(astre1.getOrigin());
      return milieu;
You, once, responded to someone who was complaining about enlargement of objects, I downloaded the new Jar but unfortunately it doesn't fix my problem ...

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