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Support / Video Capture
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:38:37 am »
Ok now that the Game is developed it has to be posted to the market.
Great !!! Wait .. now wouldnt it be interseting if I could capture the Video of the game
during would be great for marketing right!!! but how...

Now I know it is quite possible as everytime a new Bitmap is created in onDrawFrame
or to be more specific frame...

So what I want is to somehow save each frame in image format
and then later on compile all these images into a single video file

Something like :

Can anybody tell how it can be made possible...
Something like taking ScreenShots....

Now that I think of it this technique can also be applied for making animated movies.

Eg : In the game music ride 2 posted in Projects (JPCT) there is video of game being played in realtime . 8)

Support / Texture UVMapping
« on: March 10, 2014, 10:33:47 am »
Just trying to make an Island model.
The Model loads perfectly (format .md2)
Created the Texture Map for the Model in UVMapping Software (Steve Cox)

I choose Planar Map , it creates the front and the back
But when I settexture in JPCT the texture are very qurky

Tried to create tile texture by group but still the texture are not at all applied properly.

What I want to know is what are the specifications for creating the Texture Map of an Model :
Which software should be used.
The Model was created in Milkshape3d then I exported it to MD2.
To create the Texture I exported the model .OBJ and opened it in UVMapper (Steve Cox)
-> New UV Map
Alignment Z-Axis
Split By Orientation
Orientation Horizontal

But the texturemap it creates does not at all orients with the model in the JPCT
What happens is simply the whole Bitmap is pasted on the Model

What could be the problem...
I have also tried it with calctexturewrap but to no use

Support / AlienRunner Memory Ques
« on: March 07, 2014, 07:07:02 am »
Hi Egon ,

Yesterday I downloaded AlienRunner source and was going through it in SurfaceCreated
there is piece of code something like this :
int[] memoryalloc = new int[1024*512*3];
memoryalloc[0] = 1; //use it
memoryalloc = null; // clean it
// 6 mb

Now as I can see here you are just creating 6 mb space in the memory(RAM) and then make that 6mb free
As memoryalloc is not used anywhere else then why are you doing this code.

Please help me understand and does it increase the efficency of APP

Support / Problem with MergeObject
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:12:50 am »
I am trying to create a Object by merging many objects on a Plane

It is something like say there is a Plane and on that Plane I want a House , a shop , some trees

So i do a mergeobjects
Something like this :
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,plane);
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,house);
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,shop);
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,trees);
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,trees);
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,shop);
finalobject = mergeobjects (finalobject,trees);

The final Object I get always have different rotations.
I will try to be more specific
The objects gets merged ok but Cam.lookAt(finalObject.gettransformedcenter());
the transformed center is different If I add more objects
I want the cam to always lookAt the planes transformed center

Projects / Space Cop 3D
« on: March 06, 2014, 07:15:05 am »
Hi Friends ,

Finished my first Project (HIPPO SHIP) now SPACE COP 3D as the name sounds better.
The Spaceship also got the NYPD lights. Fully Polished project ready , complete.

Feature :
- Infinite Gameplay
- Challenging Levels (Speed increase after 50000 points & then again after 100000)
- Cool Sounds
- WWW HiScorecard
- Keyboard Support (if can attach a keyboard to your tab/phone just use <- / -> DPAD)
- Android 2.x & >

ENJOY !!!!!

Support / Problem with Object3D.MergeObjects(first,second)
« on: March 02, 2014, 02:44:52 pm »
Hi Friends ,

Let me come straight to point...
I have a Plane , I have two Pyramids , and I have one more Object.
Now I merge these objects One by One into one single Object named EgyptObject using
Roughly :
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,Plane);
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,Pyramid1);
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,Pyramid2); 
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,OtherObject);

Now I have EgyptObject but problem is all Objects stay fixed to SimpleVector.Origin
When I try to translate before merging the translation is erased. And still objects stay fixed at origin.
What I want to to do is place the Objects on different places of the Plane and
a this on a Single Object (EgyptObject). Plz tell how to do it....

I will try to be more specific so as to make it easy to understand the issue :

Pyramid1.translate(0,0,50);   //// Even if I do translate before merge
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,Plane);  /////
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,Pyramid1);  ///// the object still gets fixed to the origin
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,Pyramid2); 
EgyptObject = Object3D.MergeObjects(EgyptObject,OtherObject);


Support / Can I Benchmark like this ???
« on: February 27, 2014, 07:21:14 am »
Hi Friends ,

I was going through the advanced example and in the DrawFrame function there is a small code to calculate the FPS\
Something like : while gettimemillis < 1000 ; fps++ (gives the current fps)
Now , I want to know is that I want to use this code to Benchmark two phones (Graphics Processor)
Suppose one phone I have has some NVIDIA and the other has some other lesser like SHARED GRAPHICS PROCESSOR that shares the processing from chipset.
So will the FPS on the first one be greater than the second one.
Also will the difference be constant.
I want to do something like GET the FPS from the best GRAPHICS PROCESSOR (suppose I get 350 fps).. this value I save in my benchmarking program as the best value (the scale is of 10) so this value i.e 350fps is value 10 on scale.

Now the person runs Benchmark on his phone . My app (which is performing heavy graphics routine) calculates the FPS on the phone and compares it with the best i.e 350fps and accordingly gives the result to the user as to the quality of his GRAPHICS PROCESSOR.

The output would be something like this :
Your FPS : 125                                                 Best FPS : 350
Your GC : Shared                                             Best GC : NVIDIA

           Benchmarking ...
           Your score is 3.567   which is AVERAGE
           Consider upgrading your TAB/PHONE
           if you want to play games with high

Hi Friends ,
Don't know if this is the right place to post this but I feel that a Discussion on this topic is very important if we wan't to build great games.
Everybody's opinion is invited.  ::)
What I mean to say is that even if the GAME that you are making you have few resources and the cost of production is very low still you can make a hit game that can give a competition to the SHARKS of the ocean(ID , EA etc...) by ensuring that the game has a Good storyline and it is presented well. The Screenplay is well written. And of course the UI is cool.
Yes with what experience I have had I strongly belive that a great game can be made even if Production is low if we take care of these parameters......


Support / Calculate distance between two Objects (get Simple Vector x,y,z)
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:53:30 am »
Hi friends ,
I was working on a project in jpct regarding spaceship sim. And some point in the program I needed to calculate distance beetween two objects. I want a SimpleVector that contains the info of the distance in terms of all the three axis. To be more specific :

SimpleVector distance = Object1.getDistance(Object2); //This should return the simplevector form

is there some function to get this form of distance ?????? Maybe I am overlooking something cause I checked all the parameters of Object3d & SimpleVector Classes but could'nt find any such function ?????

Support / Animating the Object on touch_DOWN & Stopping on touch_UP
« on: February 09, 2014, 10:56:52 am »
Hi friends ,
Really grateful to jpct. It's really wonderful. First let intro myself . I am quite well oriented with software & web programming but have little experience in 3d modeling & softwares eg: max || maya || bender. I downloaded some free models from tt3dm to experiment with jpct-ae engine and after 1 week of time I think I have got well versed with the engine.
My problem is I don't know how to animate the objects inside the engine.

Eg : I have a boy model now how can I make him to move his legs when the user presse TOUCH_DOWN event & stop the movement on TOUCH_UP. how do I use object.animate(xxx,xxx) event how does it works very basic/ :o

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