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Bones / JPCT-AE/BONES project NinjaSenses - please contribute
« on: March 02, 2015, 06:05:44 pm »
Hello everybody!

I have started a new project that is derived from the Bones Ninja demo, "project NinjaSenses".

The goal of this project is to integrate the use android accelerometer sensors to control the Ninja animations.
So far I have only created a few stubs (and they are buggy as hell.) :
 when I hold my phone and jump in place then the ninja on the screen also jumps.
 when I move the phone forward fast then the ninja attacks.
Next I will try to detect user walk and user climb gestures and to make the ninja imitate the user's gestures accordingly.

Although the project is of personal interest to me and completely non-commercial, I am not sure where the ninja data came from and I am also not sure about the legality of distributing community version android studio projects online.
Therefore I ask the more experienced community members to share their thoughts and state any legal restrictions here before the project is shared online.  (Raft -  I guess this demands your approval).

Please start posting code snippets and ideas here.   

P.S.. do we have a github or something similar for JPCT/AE and Bones?

And to all a Happy Dev. time.
- Moodroid 

Bones / Please help with Ninja demo setup.
« on: February 23, 2015, 01:56:08 am »

I tried running the Ninja demo using Android Studio and the ADB.
I know it was an eclipse project originally.
after adding some libs to the project I got it to compile with no errors.
However, It crashed when I tried running it on my phone and tablet.

I caught a runtime exception, I don't have the stack text but it went something like:
"   version mismatch Current version = 3 and stream version = 4.  "
BonesIO has an int VERSION=4 so I think this is the source of the problem.
-What does this mean?

1.Is the bones.jar from the bones homepage compatible with the ninja demo files?
2.Would this demo work on Jellybeans and Kitkat or is it designed for Lollipop?

Any help will be much appreciated.

*after I get it to work then I will upload a complete android studio project if you guys are interested...

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