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Bugs / Bug in CollisionListener I think.
« on: January 02, 2008, 04:37:01 am »
I have been looking around for a good starting API that I could modify up a bit but it is always nice to start with one that works. Anyway I have been trying to make the "Car" example an Applet for the web I have looked all over the forum and apparently there are no "running" online applets posted (unless in German). I tried making it an Applet myself but it appears that there is an error in com.threed.jpct.CollisionListener it is: NoClassDefFoundError I won’t post the consol unless I need to. Is anyone having the same problem?

Oh and NoClassDefFoundError is often caused by a small error in the java such as invalid case or misplaced comma. I would look for the error but I can't remember if this API is open source or not, I have looked around in the download and I couldn't find any .java files (other then the examples). Does anyone know the directory it is stored in?


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