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Bugs / Bug with LWJGL 2
« on: February 19, 2008, 04:16:44 pm »
Just been trying to run LWJGL alpha2 to try and get the errors out and got an exception. They have restructured code since 1.1.4. In particular GLU now not in org.lwjgl.opengl.glu that has been moved to org.lwjgl.util.glu. You might want to refractor your code to include the changes because otherwise it throws exceptions all over the place. I got JPCT 1.15.

There are probably other changes that I haven't spotted yet, but here is heads up anyway.


Support / Changing rendering to OpenGL causes crash
« on: February 05, 2008, 05:57:11 pm »
Hi there, I have strated to mess about with the examples given in the package and found a curious problem. First I couldn't set up lwjgl to work, then i got that working with new 1.1.4 version and so files.

Now when I change rendering from SW to OpenGL I get this error in eclipse

Can't find desired videomode (640 x 480 x 32) - searching for alternatives
[ Tue Feb 05 16:48:16 GMT 2008 ] - ERROR: Can't find any suitable videomode!
[ Tue Feb 05 16:48:16 GMT 2008 ] - ERROR: Can't set videomode - try different settings!
Software renderer disposed

I am using car demo from example and switching with simple  "X" in game.

Any suggestions why it is doing that, or how to correct it?

Another thing is on my linux box when the window is first opened I get an error from X server (I presume) something about libxcb. more details to follow ...

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