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Support / How to do "Fog" in particular axis?
« on: June 01, 2017, 11:44:56 pm »
Like for example , if I have a valley ( lets assume depth is in z axis ) , then is there a way / technique to have the fog density increasing along z axis ? So that the depth fades away .
I have checked "setFogging()"... but it's density increases along camera-view's direction.

     I am trying to experiment with MultiPass Rendering with jpct ae . I was trying to do 2 pass Gaussian blur . I was able to get individual blurs Successfully , i.e horizontal and vertical blurs individually . But what I want is ->
1) Render the "Bright" part to a texture.
1) the output from the 1st step should undergo horizontal blurring .
2) the output from the 2nd step should undergo vertical blurring
3) The output from the 3rd step would be blended in some way with the original rendered image for the post processing bloom effect .

   So how do we do multipass rendering in jpct ae ? And pass the result from one render phase to the other for further processing? Also I have to composite the processed Bloom with the final image .
I just know the theory for now..... a pointer to actual implementation would help a lot .  :)
Thanks in advance. :)

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