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Support / Does JPCT-AE/JPCT support 3D printing(.stl files)?
« on: July 25, 2017, 04:26:27 pm »
I am going to work on a final year project of Computer Science. I would like to develop an app for 3d printing. My idea is like this:

purpose: let users to design their own phone cases platform: Android

After the users open the app, a 3D template of Phone Case is displayed on the screen(slowly rotating).

Users can customize the following features: Size(for different sizes of phone)、colors、patterns(allow inserting a 2d logo). After they change a pattern/color, the 3D display will change accordingly.

Moreover, the phone case is not a typical one, it can have a flip out hook/kickstand. The hook/stand is snapped into place, so that it wont be opened by themselves when it is not in use. Therefore, my app needs to automatically divide the phone case into several components(maybe 4-5, now not sure) after users have customized their own phone cases. The divided components each have joints which allow them to be combined manually to form a phone case.

After obtaining different components, these components will be exported as .STL format, thus 3D printer can use these STL files to perform 3D printing.

Someone suggested me to use Android Studio with library(JPCT-AE/JPCT) to develop this app. I know that JPCT has a powerful 3D modelling API, but can it be used to generate 3D printing files? Thank you!

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