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Projects / Ballbox
« on: November 10, 2009, 04:02:26 am »

What do you think about my first jPCT`s proyect?

Ballbox is under development so it might have some bugs...

Support / JPCT Requirements
« on: October 31, 2009, 03:46:12 pm »

   I was wondering if JPCT could run in a OLPC... ?

OLPC hardware:

CPU: AMD Geode LX-700 - x86-compatible processor with 64KB each L1 I and D cache; at least 128KB L2 cache; AMD Geode LX-700@0.8W;

CPU clock speed: 433 Mhz;

ISA compatibility: Support for both the MMX and 3DNow! x86 instruction-set extensions; Athlon instruction set (including MMX and 3DNow! Enhanced) with additional Geode-specific instructions;

Companion chips: PCI and memory interface integrated with CPU; North Bridge: PCI and Memory Interface integrated with Geode CPU; AMD CS5536 South Bridge (datasheet);

Graphics controller: Integrated with Geode CPU; unified memory architecture;

Embedded controller: ENE KB3700 or ENE KB3700B;

DRAM memory: 256 MiB dynamic RAM;

Data rate: Dual DDR333 166 Mhz;

1024KB SPI-interface flash ROM;

Mass storage: 1024 MiB SLC NAND flash, high-speed flash controller;

Drives: No rotating media;



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