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Projects / Dissapointed
« on: September 25, 2005, 06:12:28 am »
Well, I am here again. 4 days ago I got chicken pox  :x   :cry:   :(   :evil:   :twisted:

So I tried to  continue on my game but I only want to sleep, I will began classes on the University on 2 weeks, and I am very stresse because I am having a lot of problems too.

I think, I better ask for a more specific help.

The game I am trying to develop is a multiplayer game similar to descent or forsaken, using spaceships, nothing too complicated.

Well, about the maps, I made my owns on 3d studio max 6.0, they are ugly, but they work. I tried to find some free spacecrafts on 3dcafe but they just dont appear inside the game, like if jpct dont accept them, so I fisrt passed them to 3d studio max but when now they dont appear complete (a mistery), so I had to made my own spaceships.

the are big ones, I tries to use the ellipsoid collision detection but the shape inside the spacecraft wont fit perfectly inside a ellipsoid and I am having problems with that because the camera is not placed on the center  of the craft but in the front part, so I think I must detect collision with the craft and manage the craft and after that placing the camera on the craft position and direction.

How should I manage the movements, as long as it will be an online multiplayer web game, i was thinking on using the serialization to saving on a file the position of all the crafts and having a personal world that upgrades the position and direction of all the crafts for each loop iteration.

is this the correct way to do it or should I do that in any other way?

When I fisrt thought in this game I began writting in paper many ideas of how to do my game, but now I think on a different way and I am not sure about that.

Projects / Dissapointed
« on: September 20, 2005, 05:03:18 am »
Hi, I began writting my first 3d game, at the begining I was working well, but when I made enough of the game to have a small preview I was 100% dissapointed with it. It was awful so I decided to quit from this. I have not worked on it for almost 10 days. Today I want to try fixing it before throwing it to the trash can (virtually).

I began writting my code using the most common model of software development (code and fix ) :oops: .My 3D models were awfull, my textures didnt look as nice as I figured it out, the collision detection didnt worked well in this huge maps, the main menu seems to be made by a child :cry:

I want to know what knid of tecniques do you use to began with a project.

Do you really chose a model like the cascade one, then use a case tool like Rational Rose, and after all of that then you pay for getting good 3D models and finally codying it.

I always have used code and fix because I have kind of several brain storming while writting code, and it seems to be a bad idea.

Any sugestions?

Support / Some .3DS Files are not shown
« on: September 12, 2005, 07:10:00 am »
Hi, I download the jPCT API around Feb 2004, I dont know if this already have been corrected. Well I use 3d Studio Max to do my .3DS files, and I have noticed that Text is not only not shown but also make all the scene not to show when I Apply a bevel to it.

If I use the text as it is made just with lines it apperas a filled letter inside my game, but When I apply a bevel nothing appears when loading that scene.

Also When drawing straight lines they dont appear.

Support / Getting an object from a World
« on: September 11, 2005, 03:24:59 am »
Quote from: "EgonOlsen"
It was just an example. tempObject3D.setName(nombresMapas ); is better?

Of course, I was so fool today. I solved my problem, thanks  :wink:

Support / Getting an object from a World
« on: September 10, 2005, 11:56:42 pm »
I dont think that this is a possible solution, This is my code for loading 3DS files.
Code: [Select]

public static World cargarMapas (String DIR) {
        World tempWorld=new World ();
        Object3D tempObject3D=null;
        Configuracion C=new Configuracion ();
        File directorioMapas=new File (C.getPath ()+"Mapas/"+DIR+"/");
        String nombresMapas []=directorioMapas.list ();
        for (int i=0;i<nombresMapas.length;i++) {
            if (nombresMapas [i].endsWith ("3DS")){
                tempObject3D=new Object3D (0);
                Object3D mapaPartes []=Loader.load3DS (C.getPath ()+"Mapas/"+DIR+"/"+nombresMapas [i], 1f);
                for (int j=0;j<mapaPartes.length;j++) {
                    Object3D part=mapaPartes [j];

                    part.setRotationMatrix(new Matrix());

                    if ((i&1)==1) {
                    tempObject3D=Object3D.mergeObjects (tempObject3D, part);

                tempObject3D.setCollisionMode (Object3D.COLLISION_CHECK_OTHERS|Object3D.COLLISION_CHECK_SELF);
                tempWorld.addObject (tempObject3D);

        return tempWorld;

In this method a String is received as parameter that is the anme of the directory, the method loads all the .3DS files inside that directory into a temporal world that is returned, so you can see, that for generality reasons I cant reference my Object3D "Seleccionador", because I use it for all the program

for example

World Level1=cargarMapas ("Map1");

Would be very very useful that the parts of the Object3D were stored using the File name to identify all of them, for example getObjectByFileLoaded ("Seleccionador.3DS");

Any idea about how to solve my problem?

Support / Videos
« on: September 10, 2005, 07:33:13 am »
Hi, I want to view videos, is there anyway to do that, I mean something like a FMV (full motion video) at the begining of the game!!!!

Support / Getting an object from a World
« on: September 10, 2005, 04:11:42 am »
Hi, am am doing a game in wixh I want to use two Worlds.

I wanted to have a methos that loads all the .3DS files from a given directorie so I have ordered my level in direcories like




and I just have to call a method to load all 3D objects inside, but as the my loading method loads Object in general, I used a local temporalObject3D, and after loading all inside the direcorie it builds them into the world with buildAllbjects ();

Now I need to move one of the .3DS files inside the directory I loaded, bus as I used a local object3D for generality reasons now I need to get the Object3D whose file is called Seleccionador.3DS but I cant, how can I do it, the file only have 2 pyramids but I need to move it, I tried using the getObjectByName (String name) from World but it didnt work.

Which are the names of the 3DS loaded, I tried using "Seleccionador", "Seleccionador.3DS", as it didnt worked I think can only the parts can be gotten with this method so I tried with "Pyramid01_jPCT18" because I saw that name when the 3DS file is being loaded, but it didnt worked too, how can I do that.

Support / Detecting OpneGL capability
« on: September 06, 2005, 09:30:35 am »
ok, thanks a lot, I had spent two days after thinking of the graphic card  :oops:

Detecting the hardware aceleration  is very usefull when doing a programm.

Support / Using the mouse when using OpenGL
« on: September 06, 2005, 09:27:34 am »



I see that it seems to be a class that implements a MouseListener and have some methods to handle the events but I cant find where it is set to be used with the OpenGl frame opened, I see that in the constructor it calls to init (null) and it just set the value of a boolean and checks if Mouse is created, if not, it creates it, but I dont see the joint with OpenGl feature. Maybe in the Mouse class that is not posted, because I could find any variable called Mouse.

I tried to use standard MouseListener in the main class, but it doesnt work.

Please can you post the other class to have things a clearlier?  :P

Support / I did it
« on: September 06, 2005, 09:15:58 am »
Well, after 24 hours breaking my soul I did it.

The collision detection really brang me troubles, I just couldnt understand why does my Colli... didnt worked. It result being easy, the problem was that as the checkCameraCollisionEllipsoid and the checkCameraCollisionSpherical return a boolean depending if they collide or not, I thought that the methods only returns the result of CHECKING for a collision, but in fact they do more than that. They also move the camera, thats why I was moving the camera more than once for every movement. And also the speed have to be set in that method.

A suggestion is to do a method that only checks for a collision, it may be useful, when I learned programming in java (a year ago), I learned that a method should do only its specific task, thats why when I read the name of the method checkCameraCollision......, I thought that it only checks it.

Well, its just my opinion.

Support / Detecting OpneGL capability
« on: September 05, 2005, 09:29:11 am »
Hi, when I began trying this engine again, I tried to use the openGL but all what I got was a white screen, so I tried all what was possible, but I just couldnt, then I thought that it could be due to my graphic card, because I lend my GForce 4 to my brother and I was using my sis651 of 64MB that is supposed to have OpenGL compatibility.

When I bring my GForce again it worked perfectly, so I want to know if is there any way that the engine API can detect this capability!!!!!

Support / Using the mouse when using OpenGL
« on: September 04, 2005, 08:11:21 am »
Well, I have a pair of questions:

First is about using the openGL rendering, it opens a new Frame, how can I change the properties of that frame created when enabling the openGL render, for example, changing the title or things like that?

Second: KeyMapper is used to manage key events, but what about the mouse events?

Support / Whats wrong with my collision detection
« on: September 04, 2005, 03:24:53 am »
Hi, I have not used the engine in ages, so 2 days ago I began to do little project, but I just cant do the collision detection.

When I thought that it was good, I noticed that it didnt worked on the corners, I tried with other ways, but now the camera moves very quickly and no matter the speed I set.

here is my code for managing the events taken from the KeyState

Code: [Select]

public void movimientos () {
        boolean piso=false;
        try {
            if (Mundo.checkCameraCollision (new SimpleVector (0, 1, 0), alturaPersonal, alturaPersonal, false))

            if (adelante)
                if (Mundo.checkCameraCollision (camaraPersonal.getDirection (), alturaPersonal, alturaPersonal, true))
                    camaraPersonal.moveCamera (Camera.CAMERA_MOVEIN, velocidadPersonal);

            if (atras)
                if (Mundo.checkCameraCollision (camaraPersonal.getDirection (), alturaPersonal, alturaPersonal, true))
                    camaraPersonal.moveCamera (Camera.CAMERA_MOVEOUT, velocidadPersonal);
            if (izquierda) camaraPersonal.rotateAxis(camaraPersonal.getBack().getYAxis(), -0.02f);
            if (derecha) camaraPersonal.rotateAxis(camaraPersonal.getBack().getYAxis(), 0.02f);
            if (salto)
                if (Mundo.checkCameraCollision (Camera.CAMERA_MOVEUP, alturaPersonal, alturaPersonal*4/3, true))
                    camaraPersonal.moveCamera (Camera.CAMERA_MOVEUP, velocidadPersonal);
            if (agache) camaraPersonal.moveCamera (Camera.CAMERA_MOVEDOWN, velocidadPersonal/2);
            if (salida) System.exit (0);
        catch (Exception E) {

Well, the gravity done on the second line works good, the problem is when moving the camera to the front and back.

If I have to use another kind of collision detection please could someone explain me why and how?.

Feedback / Free 3ds files
« on: February 17, 2005, 01:56:51 am »
Somebody knows where can I download some free .3DS files, I am tired if doing own models, they are ugly.

Support / strange malfunction
« on: February 15, 2005, 08:45:23 am »
Hello, I made a program, not a game, just for my University, about a mouse inside a maze that must find the chesse. So it worked perfectly so I made a 3D aplication for that, and it worked the mouse moved along the maze by it self, but when I tried to set a camara in front of the mouse, the mouse doesnt rotate, only move, just for changing the camera, that have nothing to do with the object called "Rat".

Another problem but this is not strange, when I move the rat, The mobement is not continuous. it moves like a teletransportation and not like a movement like walking, is just about moving with a slow speed?

by the way someone have a rat model .3ds  U can use, vecausse as long as its very difficult to do a rat using 3D sturio max, I used an airplane  :oops:

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