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Too Bright With Software Renderer


I even wrote the following (where "amount" refers to color intensity for all three colors):

--- Code: --- int amount = 15;
float attenuation = 3.6f, dist = 1f;
theWorld.setAmbientLight(25, 25, 25);//-20
if (b.usesRenderer(IRenderer.RENDERER_OPENGL)) {
theWorld.setAmbientLight(125, 125, 125);//-20
     amount = 55;
     attenuation = 3600f;
     dist = 10f;
else Config.lightMul = 1;

--- End code ---

Try to disable overbright lighting in Lights.

Thank you. You should make that more explicit in the docs, or otherwise just hide the Lights class and move that setting to World. I had looked for it everywhere last night. Thought maybe the method had been removed.


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