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Uses of RGBColor in com.threed.jpct

Fields in com.threed.jpct declared as RGBColor
static RGBColor RGBColor.BLACK
static RGBColor RGBColor.BLUE
static RGBColor RGBColor.GREEN
static RGBColor RGBColor.RED
static RGBColor RGBColor.WHITE

Methods in com.threed.jpct that return RGBColor
 RGBColor Object3D.getAdditionalColor()
          Returns the additional color.
 RGBColor Polyline.getColor()
          Returns the color of the line strip.

Methods in com.threed.jpct with parameters of type RGBColor
 void FrameBuffer.blit(Texture src, int srcX, int srcY, int destX, int destY, int sourceWidth, int sourceHeight, int destWidth, int destHeight, int transValue, boolean additive, RGBColor addColor)
          Special version of blit() that allows for scaling, i.e. it doesn't make 1-to-1 copies but can up- or down-scale.
 void FrameBuffer.clear(RGBColor col)
          Clears the framebuffer with the given color.
 void FrameBuffer.clearColorBufferOnly(RGBColor col)
          Clears only the color bufferr, not the depth buffer.
 void World.drawWireframe(FrameBuffer buffer, RGBColor color, int size, boolean pointMode)
          Draws the current scene as a single-colored wireframe.
 void Object3D.setAdditionalColor(RGBColor col)
          Sets the additional color for this object.
 void Polyline.setColor(RGBColor color)
          Sets the color of the line strip.

Constructors in com.threed.jpct with parameters of type RGBColor
NPOTTexture(int width, int height, RGBColor col)
          Creates a new NPOT texture.
Polyline(SimpleVector[] points, RGBColor color)
          Creates a new, static Polyline.
Texture(int width, int height, RGBColor col)
          Creates a colored texture with no alpha in the given dimensions.

Uses of RGBColor in com.threed.jpct.util

Methods in com.threed.jpct.util with parameters of type RGBColor
 void ShadowHelper.setAmbientLight(RGBColor col)
          Sets the ambient lighting used during the shadow pass.
 void Overlay.setColor(RGBColor color)
          Sets a new additional color.