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Uses of TextureInfo in com.threed.jpct

Methods in com.threed.jpct with parameters of type TextureInfo
 int Object3D.addTriangle(SimpleVector vert1, SimpleVector vert2, SimpleVector vert3, TextureInfo tInf)
          Adds a triangle to the object.
 void PolygonManager.setPolygonTexture(int polyID, TextureInfo tInf)
          Sets the textures and its coordinates for a polygon.
 void Object3D.setTexture(TextureInfo tInf)
          Sets the texture for the object via an instance of TextureInfo.

Uses of TextureInfo in com.threed.jpct.util

Methods in com.threed.jpct.util with parameters of type TextureInfo
 void Overlay.setTexture(TextureInfo textureInfo)
          Changes the texture of the overlay.