Package com.threed.jpct.util

Class Summary
ExtendedPrimitives This class provides some methods to create basic 3d objects that can be used within a jPCT world.
KeyMapper KeyMapper is convenience class to ease the different handling of the keyboard when using hard- or software rendering.
KeyState A KeyState is similar to the AWT KeyEvent and will be returned by the poll()-method of the KeyMapper.
LensFlare A simple lens flare effect.
Light Light is a helper class to ease the rather unintuitive handling of light sources in jPCT.
Overlay Overlay is a helper class to create opaque or transparent screen overlays from textures.
ReflectionHelper A helper class for creating planar mirrors like water surfaces or marble floors.
ShadowHelper The ShadowHelper-class eases shadow mapping.
SkyBox Simple skybox class to ease the creation of a standard skybox.
XMLFactory XMLFactory is a small factory to parse XML-files.
XMLNode A XMLNode is a node of the tree-structure the XMLFactory builds when parsing a XML-file.