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Support / View a simple .3ds model
« on: October 17, 2012, 02:44:42 pm »
i just tested the HelloWorld Applet and it works well. But when I want to change the Object3D "box" from the given Primitives.getBox(...) to a 3D-model (commented Line below it), after compiling and opening the .html file, there is still the green Box shown and not my 3D-model. Also when I change the Primitives.getBox() to .getCube(15) there is still the green Box from the beginning and no Cube.

Why does this happen?

Thanks for your help,

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private Object3D box;

    private FrameBuffer buffer = null;
    private World world = null;

    private boolean alive = true;
    private boolean initialized = false;

    // Initialize all components of the applet
    public void init()

        world = new World();  // create a new world
        World.setDefaultThread( Thread.currentThread() );

        // Add some light to the scene
        world.setAmbientLight(0, 255, 0);

        // create a new buffer to draw on:
        buffer = new FrameBuffer( getWidth(), getHeight(),
                                  FrameBuffer.SAMPLINGMODE_NORMAL );

// the lines iīm talking about
        // Create the box:
        box = Primitives.getBox(13f, 2f);
//      box = Loader.load3DS("D:/Temp/Tele.3ds",1)[0];;


        // add the box our world:
        world.addObject( box );

        // set the camera's position:
        world.getCamera().setPosition( 50, -50, -5 );

        // Look at the box:
        world.getCamera().lookAt( box.getTransformedCenter() );

        // Finished initializing.  Now it is safe to paint.
        initialized = true;

        // Start the main "Game Loop":
        new Thread( this ).start();

    // Main Game Loop:
    public void run()
        while( alive )
            // Have the box rotate:
            box.rotateY( 0.01f );

            // Tell the applet to repaint itself:

            // Sleep for a bit:
                Thread.sleep( 10 );
            catch( Exception e )

    // Draw the scene:
    public void paint( Graphics g )
        // Make sure jPCT is finished initializing:
        if( !initialized )

        buffer.clear();   // erase the previous frame

        // render the world onto the buffer:
        world.renderScene( buffer );
        world.draw( buffer );

        buffer.display( g, 0, 0 );

    // End the main game loop:
    public void destroy()
    alive = false;

Support / 3D-Animation in WebBrowser - (Error: HelloWorld Applet)
« on: October 06, 2012, 11:07:59 am »
i need to create a 3D-Animation that can be called via the browser. I didnīt find any examples to create a WebService (.war) with jpct. Is it right that this isnīt possible?

The only way is via an Applet? Because of this I wanted to test the AppletExample ( but I get the Error
"Laden: Klasse HelloWorld nicht gefunden
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: HelloWorld"

I created the Class in an Eclipse-Project an exported it as .jar. But what is the internal path from the HelloWorld-Class. Do i have to choose a special packagePath or what else do I have to consider when creating this .jar. (All three files are in the same folder (HelloWorld.jar, jpct.jar & HelloWorld.html))

Best Regards,

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