Class NPOTTexture

  extended by com.threed.jpct.Texture
      extended by com.threed.jpct.NPOTTexture
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public class NPOTTexture
extends Texture

Special class to create a NPOT texture. This can be useful to render a frame buffer into it or similar applications. If possible, power of 2-textures should be prefered though.
The hardware and drivers have to support this. Otherwise, you'll get a black texture.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
NPOTTexture(int width, int height, RGBColor col)
          Creates a new NPOT texture.
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Constructor Detail


public NPOTTexture(int width,
                   int height,
                   RGBColor col)
Creates a new NPOT texture.

width - the width of the texture.
height - the height of the texture.
col - the color. Can be null for render targets.