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Support / Extremely Newb Question.. please forgive me
« on: October 14, 2019, 11:48:26 am »
I am exploring whether is a viable option for my project.

(I appreciate this is probably kind of often asked but I ask you to perhaps bear with me and indulge me. I'm simply a the stage where I need actual advice from real developers!)

I want to produce a 3D engine game with a hex grid. On mobile. Native Android and iOS.

I am already a developer in iOS and Android.

The game grid will be basically similar to Civilisation. It will have a fog of war. It can drag scroll. It will have a hex grid, a underlay of a tile (green grass water etc) and a 3D unit icon model oerlay (sometimes). For human interface I need to had "push square (hex)" popover menu, that will uiblock anything until the user chooses an option or cancels, probably semi transparent (or a glow effect). I also want to have some fairly simple travel animations and an overlay to show pathing. I also want to overlay lighting effects in 3D on top of the unit.

It does not need to be rotating hex grid. The units do not need to rotate. But they will be slightly animated (gun flashes)

would JPCT do it do you think?

Projects / Re: Starting a hexgrid wargame - advice on suitability
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:53:02 am »
Thanks Egon just the kind of advice I was looking for!  and it runs at a fairly smooth rate doing a lot more than I would need of it - incidentally  that seems a really good game concept - what happened to the development of that game? do you know?

Projects / Starting a hexgrid wargame - advice on suitability
« on: April 25, 2013, 11:24:55 am »
Hi I am pre-preparing to start a hexgrid wargame (a bit like the experiment at - which has impresive videos) and a) I was wondering if there were any pointers as to how best to do it if I chose JPCT. I am not interested in Apple development so would JPCT suit me down to the ground from that point of view, but, - realistically - would it be able to create and draw 3d at that sort of speed miniciv has? I saw the JPCT video of the face with the light on it and it looked amazing! But would that scroll? Is that sort of lighting effect even plausible on a hexgrid with (say) actual 3d terrain. I would love peoples input on this

Kind Regards

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